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new recurrent HazmatU training course launched

  • 10 May 2016 10:39 AM
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    CCAR (The Coordinating Committee For Automotive Repair) and ShipMate, Inc. are pleased to share with our members a new recurrent HazmatU online training course.

    The new course — designed for those who are recertifying or repeating their online HazmatU training — is shorter in duration from the traditional course and allows for completion of the material (and final exam) in an hour or less.

    The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) strictly regulates the transportation of hazardous materials. DOT’s Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR) require you to receive both INITIAL (e.g., within 90 days) and RECURRENT (e.g., a minimum of every three [3] years) training if you, your facility or employees:

    • work in a shipping, receiving, or hazardous material handling area
    • are involved in transporting hazardous materials, or if you affect transportation safety; or
    • are involved in the preparation of hazardous materials shipping papers.

    Now, of course, not all employees at your facility need to be DOT trained, but depending on who is responsible for different operations you may have to train more employees than you thought.

    So, for a typical automotive service facility, employees that may need to be trained include:

    • Parts Managers – they oversee the transportation of hazmat
    • Parts Shipping and Receiving – they load and unload hazmats and might even prepare shipping papers

    Other employees that may need to be trained include:

    • Parts Drivers – they may transport hazmat.
    • Service Technicians – they may prepare and package hazmat (e.g., an air bag being returned to the manufacturer).
    • Service Managers – they may oversee hazmat employee operations and may sign for hazmat shipments with the disposal of their facilities wastes.
    • Supervisors must also be trained, even if the supervisor is not directly responsible for any of the responsibilities listed above. Indirectly, supervisors are responsible for their employees, and their employees’ hazmat-related duties.

    CCAR provides tailored information and resources for OEM dealers, collision repair centers, schools and mechanical service centers.

    ShipMate, Inc. works with clients to help resolve their most demanding dangerous goods transportation, environmental management and safety issues. ShipMate provides creative ideas and cost effective solutions to resolve and manage their many compliance challenges.

    The CCAR and ShipMate online courses offered now include:

    • (NEW!) Surface Transportation of Automotive Hazardous Materials (a recurrent course for those who are recertifying)
    • Surface Transportation of Automotive Hazardous Materials (available in English and in Spanish)
    • Surface Transportation of Automotive Dangerous Goods – Canada (available in English and in French)
    • Multimodal Transportation of Automotive Dangerous Goods (available in English and in Spanish)
    • Transport of Automotive Hazardous Materials for Managers
    • Transport of Automotive Hazardous Materials for Service Technicians
    • Transport of Automotive Hazardous Materials for Parts Technicians & Analysts
    • Transport of Automotive Hazardous Materials for Drivers
    • GHS Hazard Communication Standard

    For more information, please visit or contact CCAR at 888/476-5465 or at

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